Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring at The Maplestone: The countdown begins! 

Only 18 days until the official start of Spring, and we are already basking in warm weather. This time of year is the most popular for Fredericksburg visitors because of the local wildflowers and mild temperatures. Most Spring Break vacations start on the 12th, so March lodging options are already limited! 

Our suggestions? Avoid the crowds by reserving a week-day stay, or book at the end of the month and catch the peak of bluebonnet season. 

Insider Tip: typically, bluebonnets bloom most between mid March to mid April, however with our warm weather we can expect an abundance a little earlier this year. 
This same note also applies to the peach crops. As long as we can avoid a late freeze (knock on wood), we should have a plentiful peach crop this year. The peach trees in my backyard are already blooming!

Which property is for you? Our favorite home for Spring is The Maplestone's Garden House at Holly Pond Hill. The English Garden inspired decor and immaculate lawn make for the quintessential Spring Retreat. Add breakfast to your stay and enjoy homemade scones on the porch with your coffee before you set out to Enchanted Rock to really complete the Fredericksburg experience!

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